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Ooooby offers a comprehensive CRM system for farm box businesses

Customer Overview


• View and manage customer accounts

• Easily and quickly view payment history, add debits or credits and edit customer details


Advanced customer search



• Your very own customer search engine 

• Quickly filter groups of customers depending on your needs. E.g. filter by products ordered, subscriptions, delivery areas etc. Enables simple bulk crediting, emailing and more

Simple to navigate customer dashboards


• Puts your customers in control of their subscriptions

• Customers can view products, edit orders and add pauses

  • Turning visitors into leads.

What people say about Ooooby

"The Ooooby platform has helped to streamline our business. I find the platform to be very easy to use myself when doing the admin. It’s a definite improvement on our old system"

— Laura, The Paddock

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