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Ooooby provides simple order management features for farm box businesses

All the info you need to manage your customer orders


• View and manage customer accounts

• Easily and quickly view payment history, add debits or credits and edit customer details

• Email tool allows quick and easy customer notification of any last minute product issues


Easily manage delivery routes and collection points


Map your delivery zones and collection points

• Customers automatically placed on a route when they sign up

• Google Maps algorithm quickly calculates your most efficient routes

• Quickly combine two or more routes if a driver is unavailable at short notice

• Drivers use their phone to direct them on their route

What people say about Ooooby

"The Ooooby platform has helped to streamline our business. I find the platform to be very easy to use myself when doing the admin. It’s a definite improvement on our old system"

— Laura, The Paddock

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