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Sell Real Food
Direct to
Local Households

Ooooby provides software and support for farms and local food retailers to sell online and deliver to homes.

Real people selling real food on Ooooby

Built with you in mind

Ooooby is tailored exactly to the business of delivering fresh, local and ecologically sound food to customers.

Improve reliability

Over 1 million orders successfully delivered through the Ooooby platform.

Reduce time

The Ooooby system has been built by people who run box schemes to solve real world pain points.

Share the ownership

We're committed to user ownership. The more you sell the more you own the platform.

Time saving tools

 Benefit from a full business operating system for small-scale farms and independent food hubs to compete with large scale food producers and retailers.

Plan food boxes with ease

Curate box contents that publishes to your site and customer dashboards.

Customer mapping

See how it all maps out

Easily see where all your customers are and set your delivery zones and collection points.

Optimise your delivery routes

Let the system determine the best route or easily set the route yourself.


Track your performance

Monitor your key performance metrics over time.

and more...

  • Online Store

    • Pre-curated and/or customised food boxes
    • Weekly or biweekly subscriptions
    • Shop by categories including chilled items
    • Supplier profiles
    • Easy low cost online payment processing
  • Product Management

    • Set product origin location
    • Produce masterlist with high quality images
    • Product bundles
  • Logistics Management

    • Box labels and packing slips
    • Pack by route or box type
    • Route optimised delivery run sheets
    • Home delivery and/or drop points
    • Multiple delivery days
  • Customer Management

    • Transaction history and activity notes
    • Discount options
    • Automated emails
  • Marketing

    • Search engine optimised
    • Promo codes
    • Sign up and cancelation surveys
  • Financial Management

    • Automatic customer payments
    • Credit card, debit card and direct deposits
  • Reports

    • Order summary with units and avg transactions
    • Finance summary
    • Customer mapping

Business support

Ooooby support

Our team brings 45+ years of experience of running local box schemes. We can be a sounding board as you look to improve your operations and grow your businesses. 

Peer-to-peer support

Our network of hub operators have many years experience of growing and delivering local food. We provide communication channels that mean you can access peer advice and best practice.





2.5% reducing with sales volume  
£350 set up and training

Card processing

0.6% + £0.04 per transaction

How are we different?


  • Trusted and recommended by a growing network of reputable farms and food hubs
  • Proven reliability - Over 1 million transactions successfully delivered through the system

  • Tried and tested - Hundreds of small edge case solutions that come from experience
  • Supportive - Helpful community of experienced hubs sharing knowledge and best practice
  • Cost-effective - Payment gateway arrangement with very low rates and fast payment
  • Stable and here to stay - Solid financial backing by reputable impact investors.

Coming soon

  • Full customisation and modernisation of your website
  • Supply services - we’re developing a network of suppliers to provide you with a broad range of products for your customers
  • Marketing services - we’re working on a marketing strategy to help drive new customers to you
  • Operational services - we’ll benchmark your operational efficiencies and help you identify best practices
  • User-ownership plan - we’re decentralising our ownership model where you will be earning an ownership stake  alongside fellow farms, food hubs and customers.


"I've been deeply impressed by the ethos of Ooooby, the team and their attention to detail. In particular, principles in Ooooby's contract reassured me that they are an organisation that align with the mission of Shy By Nature Farm."

Ronan McNern, Shy By Nature Farm

"Ooooby is tailored exactly to the business of delivering fresh, locally sourced organic food to customers. We’ve already seen a steep rise in new customers without any marketing."

Pete Lawley, Myriad Organics

"We are really proud to be part of the Ooooby network. Pete and his team have been incredibly helpful in getting us up and running on the Ooooby system and our veg bag customers are loving it."

Martin Bradshaw, Moss Valley Market Garden

Join the community of over 60 Farms
and Food Hubs

Connect and converse with all the other farms and food hubs on Ooooby to learn from and support each other.  There are so many valuable insights shared from old hands and newbies alike.

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Steward User Ownership Plan

Ooooby is committed to a steward ownership model where the users of the platform have an option to be stewards along with the team who build and manage the platform. We have not yet formalised the steward-ownership structure and legalities, but we have made a pledge to adopt a steward-ownership or user-ownership model in the near future. 

Below is a description of steward-ownership
by Purpose Foundation

Steward-ownership is an alternative to conventional ownership that permanently secures a company’s mission and independence. Steward-ownership commits to two key principles:

1. Profits serve purpose and 2. Self-governance.

These principles will enable Ooooby to remain independent, purpose-driven, and values-led over the long-term.

— Profits serve purpose —

For steward-owned companies, profits are a means to an end, not an end in and of themselves. All the profits generated by the company are either reinvested in the business, used to repay investors, shared with stakeholders, or donated to charity.

— Self governance —

For-profit businesses are often beholden to the interests of shareholders who aren’t involved in the operation or management of the business. Steward ownership structures keep control with the people who are actively engaged in or connected to the business. Voting shares can only be held by stewards, i.e., people in or close the business, and the business itself can never be sold.

Real stewardship by real people

IMG_2473 copy

Our story

Ooooby started as a growers network in 2008 before launching a veg box home delivery hub in 2010 with the single focus of supplying households with food produced as locally as possible. As the number of hubs increased, in-house software was developed to deal with the real world pain points of operating a food box scheme. In 2019 Ooooby sold the company owned hubs to the local teams and transitioned to be a dedicated software platform in 2020.

To find out more view the Ooooby FAQs.

Vision and values


Feeding everyone with real food everyday


Regenerative - improves the ecosystem

Ethical - truthful, appropriate and caring

Authentic - it is what it says it is

Local - grown or made as close as possible

Our team


Pete Russell

CEO and Founder

Pete has the iron will to build a sustainable and fair food system. A serial entrepreneur with 20 years experience in the food industry, including running his own box scheme for 10 years.


Davy van de Vusse

Head of Product and Engineering

Davy is our chief engineer and has built every part of our software platform to date. Davy was an Engineering Manager at Xero.


Alex Hawkes

Finance Director

Alex is an experienced CFO with specialist skills in raising investment, FP&A, financial modelling, process improvements and systems implementation.



Seb Mayfield

Head of Partnerships

Seb is a leader in the sustainable food sector in the UK and has navigated the start-up phase of multiple food enterprises. He co-owns a local box scheme in Hampshire.


George Cave

Head of Operations

George managed operations and growth at Farmdrop from 2014 to 2018, scaling from a garage to a 25k sqft warehouse. 

Louise Dollimore

Hub Support

Louise has 20+ years experience in running and supporting organic box schemes. 

Our Funders

Ooooby has received investment from a number of impact funds and impact angels.